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For projects from SD-WAN to SaaS and everything in between, we’ll help.

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We'll provide experts, information, and process management

Thousands of companies use the vCom platform to manage IT assets and expenses. It’s powerful and affordable with plans starting for as little as $250 a month. 

Service and support are included at no extra cost. This includes vCom’s solution planning services.

A proven process for any technology

Our experts work with you through every step, ensuring you understand your options and identify those that best suit your needs.

Eliminate the guesswork and feel confident that you made the right choice.

How we help you


Define Solution Requirements

We’ve planned thousands of IT projects, and we’ll help you write a solid plan too.   

Take advantage of our experience and rest assured you are covering all the important bases.  


Define Vendor Requirements

Each vendor come with pros and cons that should be evaluated in the context of your business needs.

We’ll help you define criteria for vendors so that you can measure exactly how each vendor meets your specific needs (or not).  


Identify Potential Vendors

We work with thousands of vendors across all technologies. We’ll help you quickly identify those that will best meet your needs.

You can feel confident that you aren’t wasting your time on a poor fit, or missing an opportunity with the perfect provider.  


Launch RFP

Every technology is unique, and very few companies have RFP experience in all of them. We do.

Our experts will help you craft an RFP that covers all the bases, so you don’t have to worry about missing that important question.   


Analyze Results

RFP responses can be huge, difficult documents. Challenging to parse for real answers. 

We’ll help. Our experts will read between the lines, establish real metrics, and create an analysis that drives decision making.   


Identify Finalists

Which vendors are best suited for your project? 

All the work you’ve done to this point will make it clear – by combining the design requirements, vendor requirements, and results analysis, you’ll have a weighted evaluation of every vendor.   


Negotiate Contract

We’ve helped negotiate thousands of contracts over the years, and we can help you get the best terms.

Know exactly where you stand with corner cases such as early termination, location changes, requirements changes, and more.

vCom gives you EVERYTHING you need to stay focused on business goals and strategy.

Stop wasting time on paperwork and bureaucracy. Let us do the heavy lifting for you – and save money while we do it.

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