Reduce cost by 30%
Reduce chaos by 100%

Manage IT inventory and expenses across technologies, vendors, and locations.

vCom gives us comprehensive visibility and control over our telecom environment and spend, as well as a unique understanding of our downtime and redundancy. Everything is centralized and simplified.​
John Sorka, CIO
Duane Morris​
With 50 offices throughout the U.S., vCom has eased the burden of tracking our inventory, our carriers, and most importantly managing our costs. Everything we need is at our fingertips.
Michael Williams
Littler Mendelson

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Manage asset status, usage, and spend

vCom Solutions software platform and expert services has helped IT teams automate administrative tasks for 19 years. 

We typically save our clients 25-30% off current monthly communication costs. Get in touch for a demo.

We serve legal

vCom software is backed by complimentary (absolutely free) expert services. Here's what that means for our customers.

Beverage company

Every time a major beverage company opens a new location, vCom sources options and pricing for broadband and communication services. What we do in a day or two would take them weeks to accomplish.

Beverage company

Regional bank

vCom’s automated expense invoice loading for a regional bank saves them around 40 hours a month. vCom centralizes and coordinates all invoices and also generates an AP file for every invoice loaded.

Regional bank

Regional bank

vCom took over vender management for a WAN project, providing quotes from 9+ carriers for 40+ locations, presenting the data in a concise format so the customer had all of the information they needed for the project without having to chase down quotes from 9 sales reps.

Regional bank

Law firm

A law firm was migrating to SD WAN across their 30 locations. They didn’t have the bandwidth to manage the best vendor for each location, so were moving forward with a single less-ideal vendor that could serve all locations for them.

vCom took on the heavy lifting of coordinating all local vendors, standardized design proposals from various carrier sales reps, and delivered a best in class IT management platform for continued control.

Law firm

Healthcare provider

A hospital had over 250 invoices that were all managed manually; using vCom they identifed services and invoices to be removed or consolidated. The visibility they gained into their month over month spend information had a tremendous impact on decision making and time spent managing.

Healthcare provider


A new vCom customer had been trying to get a quote from their direct carrier rep for over a month unsuccessfully. On our bi-weekly call they mentioned this frustration and within 24 hours we were able to provide them with nine different options – including the company they were trying to get a quote from. They were very happy and ordered two circuits for their data center through vCom.



A legal services firm had different carriers and voice services scattered between locations. They had no formalized voice platform or phone system, and didn’t have time to research the options. vCom ran the buyers journey with them and helped them make a decision to move to UCaaS, which ultimately saved them an enormous amount of money and time.


How do we deliver expert services at no additional cost?

  • Our customers are happy. We’ve received no less than a 95% customer satisfaction rating for 12 years’ running.
  • Happy customers stay with us.  We have very low customer churn, which means more value over time. 
  • Happy customers refer their friends, which means more happy customers.
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"Hands down the strongest partnership I have ever had"

What assets do we help manage? All of them.




IoT & phones.


Work anywhere.


From AWS to Azure.


Pay as you go.


All SaaS spend

Save Time

IT teams can waste an amazing amount of time on administrative tasks that should instead be automated and streamlined. vCom makes it easy, with software and services that reduce the overhead for a wide variety of common tasks facing IT.

Normalize invoices

Vendor billing systems often waste your time by making identical charges look different from one location to the next.

vCom automatically consolidates and normalizes invoices across vendors, locations, and technologies.

Get help with RFPs

Every technology is unique, and very few companies have RFP experience in all of them. We do.

Our experts will help you craft an RFP that covers all the bases, so you don’t have to worry about missing that important question.

Find billing errors

Auditing hundreds or even thousands of invoices is such a time-wasting headache that many companies don’t even bother. They simply pay the invoices without any attempt to validate them.

vCom automatically audits invoices and flags errors.

Keep track of assets

vCom provides a centralized hub for all asset information. This includes technical details, location, vendor, and even images.

We cross reference the asset with the associated contract, usage data, and spend data.

Track ticket status

Things go wrong, it’s inevitable. The real headache is understanding the status of various open tickets across vendors and technologies. Is the issue being worked on? When will it be fixed? Who was last in contact with the vendor?

vCom provides a central hub to submit a ticket for any technology. You can monitor last actions and status. We’ll even engage with the vendor on your behalf.

Simplify procurement

vCom provides a central hub for ordering new technology. We’ll track milestones, dates, deliverables, technical specifications and project communication.

Our expert services will help you understand details such as number portability rules, routing requirements, and quality of service allocation. Understanding escalation paths ,because something always goes wrong.

Invoice Management

RFP Assistance

Billing Audit

Asset Information

Trouble Tickets


Save Money

We typically save our clients 25-30% off current monthly communication costs by consolidating billing for any service from any carrier across the US.  We work with all areas of IT investment:  network, mobile, collaboration, cloud, hardware & SaaS.

Reduced rates

vCom has relationships with thousands of vendors. We’ve pre-negotiated contract terms so that any small or medium sized company has access to reduced rates normally available only to a very large enterprise.

Better contracts

We’ve helped negotiate thousands of contracts over the years, and we can help you get the best terms.

Know exactly where you stand with corner cases such as early termination, location changes, requirements changes, and more.

Catch billing errors

vCom automatically audits invoices and flags errors, but we go one step beyond.

We’ll engage the vendor on your behalf to resolve the issue. In the meantime, you don’t pay an extra dime.

Monitor trends

When hundreds of invoices describe the same charge in different ways, it’s hard to manually wade through the data and build a trends report for even a single expense

It’s easy and automatic with vCom. Immediately see where you money is going and where additional attention is needed.

Understand charges

Charges can be opaque, and you can lose money trying to figure out why a charge is different this month than it was last month.

Was it a mistake? A change in usage? Additional assets? A change in charges? Who knows? vCom knows.

Catch unused assets

How many times have you kept paying for local lines for fear of disconnecting an alarm or elevator line by mistake?

vCom automatically correlates charge data with usage data so you can immediately stop budget leaks.

Negotiated Rates

Contract Assistance

Billing Errors

Expense Trends

Billing Changes

Unused Assets

Deepen Insight

Insight doesn’t just mean comprehensive analytics and reporting, although vCom provides that for you. vCom makes it easy to share this data with other teams, so everyone is on the same page. vCom also provides a central hub for all vendor communication and documents, from contracts to email.

Powerful analytics

Access a historical 13 month view of your technology costs and highlight specific variations in rates, fees and pricing.

View high level trends or get granular information about where your costs fluctuate. A library of over 70 charts make it easy to build a dashboard.

Automatic reports

If you like, you can manually run database queries, download the data into a spreadsheet, filter heavy data sets, create pivot tables, prepare charts and graphs that reflect the data.

vCom automates all of that. Build and share reports easily and quickly.

Match usage with charges

Determining whether you’re being billed correctly on a monthly basis for an IT asset by combing through pages of invoices becomes can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

vCom makes it easy. Build pivot charts that slice and dice data to correlate charges, technology, vendors, usage, and more.

Who's using what

Monitor usage in real time, and slice and dice data to view usage by location, technology, asset, user, or any combination.

Compare usage between locations, users, and technologies. Cross reference usage with charges.

Centralize everything

vCom centralizes all documents, communications, and contracts related to any asset.

We also automate and centralize approval workflows, complete with audit trails.

Know what's happening

With incidents, vCom “over-communicates.” We don’t just communicate when we receive new information — we communicate even when we didn’t have a new status update.

Doing this we saw our customer satisfaction go through the roof. Customers felt that we cared and hadn’t forgotten about them.


Report Generation

Data Correlation

Usage Monitor

Communication Hub

Incident Status

At least 95% customer satisfaction rating for 12 years' running.

how can vcom help you? Get in touch for a friendly, no-pressure demo.

vCom saves you time, money, and sanity.